Effecting Legislation for Adults with Disabilities


Down Home Ranch ​is a 410-acre ranch in central Texas where the ranchers are all adults with Downs Syndrome and autism. They came to us looking to create a video that would get people's attention and inspire lots of donations. With over 14,000 views on YouTube, they were happy. AND THEN... in 2016 this video was used in an Ohio courtroom to persuade a chief federal judge that intentional communities can give adults with disabilities more opportunities to live full lives. The video did its magic, and the judge ruled in favor of millions more dollars going to intentional communities.

“The chief federal judge – ruled in our favor. And ‘yes,’ I pulled open a computer in his chambers and told him, ‘Judge, forget all the high legal nonsense. Just watch this and you will get it . . .’ He watched and his clerks gathered round. Silence.  Afterward I said, “Judge, it is places like this that these ‘advocates’ are seeking to shut . . .” Based on his opinion today, he obviously gets it.”

William Choslovsky, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLC


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